USS Robert A. Owens

 Shipmates Association

About Us:

The following is a list of the current officers of the Association and the members of the various committees.





President:                                             Vice President:

Larry McCoskey                                      Jack Wanko              



Secretary:                                             Treasurer:

Vacant                                                   Gary Parks




Ships Store Manager:                             Chaplain:

Bill Miller                                               Keith Totsch                                      



Membership Committee:                       Reunion 2023 Co-Chairman:

 (Vacant)                                                Ron Geevese

     (No Email)

     Bill Miller




Audit Committee:

Bill Miller

Ron Pervere

 (One Vacancy)



PING Editor / Web Site Manager:

Jerry Jackson






            Yes, I know, we’re all very tired of hearing about the Corona Virus and equally tired of all the news conferences on TV listening to our elected leaders answering a few good questions, many repeat questions and even more dumb questions.   But this is what life has given us over the past many months. I just wanted to add in this issue of the Ping that I hope all of you are heeding the advice of those experts in the field and taking all precautions to remain safe and healthy. By the time you read this I’m hoping most of the bad times will be coming to an end, but, being cautious, I’m not sure it will have. So please continue to be patient and do the right thing to keep you and your families safe. I (and I’m sure you, too) have done enough stupid things in my life that could have turned out much worse than it did. So, let’s not repeat; we may not be as lucky next time!

            From Ellen and me, all the best for a safe and healthy Spring & Summer!