USS Robert A. Owens Shipmates Association
Listing of Pictures as taken and provided by Bill Miller:
1: Attending group  2:+3:+4: Duquesne Incline Ride 5: Incline Car Over the City
6: Gears that run the Incline 7:+8:+9: Overhead view of the city from car
10: Flight 93 Memorial Site 11:+12:+13: View of the crash site of Flight 93
14: American Legion Hall 15: Legion Parking lot with Memorabilia
16:+17:+18: Restored Covered Bridge, Restored School House, Restored Train Station (Circa unknown)
19: Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall 20: "Face to Face" Statue of George Washington & Chief Guyasuta
21: Keith Totsch and the Holden Award 22: Reunion Speaker, Capt Paula (Polly) Bozdech-Veater (Ret)
23: Polly with the check awarded to her favorite charity (see minutes of the meeting)