USS Robert A. Owens  (DDK/DDE/DD-827)

Shipmates Association


This Web Site was built to further the remembrance of the deeds of the USS Robert A. Owens (DDK/DDE/DD-827) and all of the Officers and Enlisted crew members who served on her during the vessels thirty-two years of U.S. Navy Service

To promote the bond of friendship between all of the crew members who served her during the years of commissioned service through newsletters, Web Site, Internet, and reunions
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The USS Robert A. Owens Shipmates Association founded in 1984 by Mr. James Holden SO2 (Served 1947-52)

Pictured below. Year of Death 2003.

It is Dues paying time again. 
Several members have been delinquent in paying dues.

Beginning in Jan 2020 it will be expected that all members will pay their dues Annually each January.
See the name and address of the treasurer to the left and send your dues in promptly.

Our dues help keep the Association viable and healthy.

Please make ALL check to Gary Parks (for banking purposes)